45+ Great Examples of Responsive Websites

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45+ Great Examples of Responsive Websites
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I am sure you noticed that most new websites today have responsive layouts. Responsive web design is the hot trend right now in the web design industry and it is driven by clients need for offering great experiences for mobile visitors. Responsive design is a new. Ethan Marcotte started the responsive snowball effect in a post he wrote for A List Apart. It is a smart approach where one website serve the same content to all users no matter what device they use. Through CSS media queries, the layout is adjusted to fit the available view ports. The most common strategy is to use responsive grids where multiple columns are squeezed together as the available space get smaller.

For experienced front end developers it is not difficult to make a website responsive, but it is more work and there some new aspects to consider. This includes ordering of website elements as they move into fewer columns. It is important to have the main content at the top and a classic example of this is a blog with a left sidebar. Im most cases you do not want the sidebar on the top when the responsive grid use a one column layout. Many designers kick start their projects using website templates that have been built with a responsive design. While this is an excellent strategy in many cases it is important to look for solution that use mature and stable CSS frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap.

To help you get an idea of the many possibilities with responsive website design I have collected more then 45 great examples of responsive layouts. I have added both a large and a mobile device screenshot to show how the layouts change. Please leave a comment for me and take a minute to share this article on social media to help my site grow. 

TinyBigStudio – MORE INFO

tinybigstudio tinybigstudio2

Flow Festival – MORE INFO

flow-festival-normal flow-festival-responsive


oak oak-mobile

Digital Atelier – MORE INFO


The Work Cycle – MORE INFO

the-work-cycle the-work-cycle-mobile

Sparkbox – MORE INFO

sparkbox sparkbox-mobile

Rally Interactive – MORE INFO

rally-interactive rally-interactve-mobile

Substrakt – MORE INFO

substrakt substrakt-mobile

Little Pea Bakery – MORE INFO

little-pea-bakery little-pea-bakery-mobile

Life in Greenville – MORE INFO



css-tricks css-tricks-mobile

Made By Hand- MORE INFO

made-by-hand made-by-hand-mobile

Gravitate Design – MORE INFO

gravitate-design gravitate-design-mobile

Boston Globe – MORE INFO

boston-globe boston-globe-mobile

Trent Walton – MORE INFO

trent-walton trent-walton-mobile

Designed To Move – MORE INFO

designed-to-move designed-to-move-mobile

Friends of The Web – MORE INFO

friends-of-the-web friends-of-the-web-mobile

Bluegg – MORE INFO

bluegg bluegg-mobile

Teixido – MORE INFO

teixido teixido[3]


fhoke fhoke-mobile

Pelican Fly – MORE INFO


Sweet Hat Club – MORE INFO

sweet-hat-club sweet-hat-club-mobile

Web Design Yorkshire – MORE INFO

web-design-yorkshire web-design-yorkshire-mobile

dConstruct 2012 – MORE INFO

dconstruct-2012 dconstruct-2012-mobile

The Happy Habit – MORE INFO

the-happy-habit the-happy-habit-mobile

Andrew Lohman – MORE INFO

andrew-lohman andrew-lohman-mobile

Unmatched Style – MORE INFO

unmatched-style unmatched-style-mobile


css-grid css-grid-mobile

Food Sense – MORE INFO

food-sense food-sense-mobile

Alessandro D’agnano – MORE INFO

alessandro-d-agnano alessandro-d-agnano-mobile

Clear Air Challenge – MORE INFO

clean-air-challenge clean-air-challenge-mobile

Yaron Schoen – MORE INFO

yaron-schoen yaron-schoen-mobile

Evolve Artistic – MORE INFO

evolve-artistic evolve-artistic-mobile

Forefathers Group- MORE INFO

forefathers-group forefathers-group-mobile


fork-cms fork-cms-mobile

Sunday Best Designs – MORE INFO

sunday-best-designs sunday-best-designs-mobile

Bootstrap – MORE INFO

bootstrap bootstrap-mobile

Lab Fifty Five- MORE INFO

lab-fiftyfive lab-fifty-five-mobile

Colorkite – MORE INFO

colorkite colorkite-mobile

Sasquatch Festival – MORE INFO

sasquatch-festival sasquatch-festival-mobile

British American Household Staffing – MORE INFO

bahs[3] bahs-mobile

Design Made in Germany – MORE INFO

design-made-in-germany design-made-germany-mobile

Johann Lucchini – MORE INFO

johann-lucchini johann-lucchini-mobile

Oliver Russell – MORE INFO

oliver-russell oliver-russell[3]

Palantir – MORE INFO

palantir palantir[3]

Roy Barber – MORE INFO


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