70+ Cool One Page Websites for Inspiration

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70+ Cool One Page Websites for Inspiration
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One of the hot trends in web design right now is to move away from the traditional multi-page pattern and put all content into one page. Reason for this is that the one page website design allow web designers to impress visitors with amazing scroll and transition effects. The one page or single page design approach divide a single page into sections that on traditional websites would have been separate pages. Whenever a visitor click on the navigation, he or she is scrolled up or down to the section containing the requested content. From a usability perspective, this is different from what users expect and it often give visitors a wow-effect. In addition, it is possible to make all kinds of effects kick in to make the experience even more amazing. One of these effects is parallax scrolling. Many of the websites included below have parallax effects built in, but if you want to see more, I recommend this resource at tripwire magazine.

In this post you will find more than 70 great examples of one page websites with unique designs and effects. One of the quickest ways to start up a one page website project is to use a website template with a single page layout. You can probably find useful solutions in this post at CreativeCan. Please enjoy and be open for the inspiration you will get. Help me by sharing the article on social media and let me know what you think about single page websites in a comment.

Catalytic Design – MORE INFO

Catalytic Design

William Dady – MORE INFO

William Dady

Cloud 330 Experience – MORE INFO

Cloud 330 Experience

Spokes – MORE INFO


Help Us.We Less Than Three – MORE INFO

Help Us.We Less Than Three

Mega Cultural – MORE INFO

Mega Cultural

Atomic Duo – MORE INFO

Atomic Duo

Natrashka – MORE INFO


Jmore Design – MORE INFO

Jmore Design

Third Culture Studios – MORE INFO

Third Culture Studios

Respiro Design – MORE INFO

Respiro Design

Atlassian – Time Wasting At Work Info graphic – MORE INFO

Atlassian - Time Wasting At Work Info graphic

Beaver Lab – MORE INFO

Beaver Lab

The Barrel + Barc 24 Hour Challenge – MORE INFO

The Barrel   Barc 24 Hour Challenge

Walk Talk Azores – MORE INFO

Walk Talk Azores

F five – MORE INFO

F five

Risa Rodil – MORE INFO

Risa Rodil

Walk Talk Azores


Marco Z

Astronaut Radio – MORE INFO

Astronaut Radio

Unlock & Load Double XP – MORE INFO

Unlock & Load Double XP

Riot Industries – MORE INFO

Riot Industries

World Alzheimer’s Day – MORE INFO

World Alzheimer's Day

Rich and Kacie – MORE INFO

Rich and Kacie

Five Tailors – MORE INFO

Five Tailors

Fat Dragon – MORE INFO

Fat Dragon

Perconte – MORE INFO


Emma Hopkins – MORE INFO

Emma Hopkins

Aerogard – MORE INFO


Girlfriend – MORE INFO


Creative9 – MORE INFO




IdeaKites – MORE INFO


Neil Judges – MORE INFO

Neil Judges

The Good Ones Mag – MORE INFO

The Good Ones Mag



Digital Cardif – MORE INFO

Digital Cardif

Design Week Portland – MORE INFO

Design Week Portland

Balazs Koch – MORE INFO

Balazs Koch

Banana Produced – MORE INFO

Banana Produced

Enveloop – MORE INFO


Joost Huver – MORE INFO

Joost Huver

Ahmadi – MORE INFO


Helvetitee – MORE INFO


Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand – MORE INFO

Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand

Mountain Dew – MORE INFO

Mountain Dew

Always Creative – MORE INFO

Always Creative


Prabaharan CS – MORE INFO

Prabaharan CS

Dev7studios – MORE INFO


Duluth Trading – MORE INFO

Duluth Trading

UT Southwestern | Heart IQ – MORE INFO

UT Southwestern Heart IQ

The Max Retropub – MORE INFO

The Max Retropub

Dale Harris – MORE INFO

Dale Harris

Mercer Tavern – MORE INFO

Mercer Tavern

Daybreak2012 – MORE INFO



JUX Digital

Impress A Penguin – MORE INFO

Impress A Penguin

Rillusion – MORE INFO


Last Broadcast – MORE INFO

Last Broadcast

Alder Cass – MORE INFO

Alder Cass

Clever Pumpkin – MORE INFO

Clever Pumpkin

Niedlov’s – MORE INFO


Breaks App – MORE INFO

Breaks App

Ready Mag – MORE INFO

Ready Mag

Right  Brain Sare – MORE INFO

Right  Brain Sare

One Potato – MORE INFO

One Potato







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