RoyalSlider – A Premium, Responsive Content Slider for WordPress

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RoyalSlider – A Premium, Responsive Content Slider for WordPress
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The new version of RoyalSlider has adapted recent web design trends, such as a responsive design and touch swipe navigation. It is a completely new and updated slider from the previous versions of it and compared to most other sliders it is packed with features and layout options. It has been a crowd favorite with over 8000 downloads and a high star rating. There are many WordPress slider plugins to shoose from, just check this post, but not all of them are responsive and have the as many cool features as RoyalSlider.

The key features of the slider includes touch navigation for both mobile and desktop, support for CSS hardware acceleration on devices, Youtube and Vimeo videos, Smart lazy-loading and other premium features.

RoyalSlider is a WordPress plugin, which means it is easy to install and setup inside your WordPress admin area. Once it is installed, you can start configuring the plugins and set up how the slider look and to define your own dynamic slide decks. Check out the live demo of the slider before you read on!

Creating New Slides

When you start using RoyalSlider you will be asked to choose between various types of sliders. The custom slider option allows you to setup your slider completely as you like it. You can choose from the following:

  • Custom Slider – build your own slider from scratch, upload images, create custom HTML designs.
  • Slider from your posts – self explanatory, create a slider from all your posts.
  • Flickr gallery – grab your images from Flickr to create a slider for your website using the Flickr API.
  • 500px gallery – this image gallery grabs your images from
  • Default WordPress Gallery – for image galleries that will be added inside posts.


You have different options on to what type of slider you wanted to go with.

Adding Images to the Slider

Once the slider has been created, the next you do is to add slides. It is fairly easy to work with the options panel of RoyalSlider. Adding images is quick via the drag and drop interface of the slider’s image uploader.


Upload your image into the server and choose the picture from your media library.

The RoyalSlider Options Panel

RoyalSlider’s options panel has a visual and almost “no-brainer” interface. First you choose a template to

It is fairly easy to manage and work with, all the necessary customizations can be done thru their dropdown menu interface.


The template options panel  includes thumbnails, full screen layout, custom HTML elements and more.

The slides are edited individually and it is easy to embed a video into the slide.


Add videos from Youtube or Vimeo by typing in the URL in the options panel.

One thing I personally like in this slider is the ability to incorporate custom HTML codes into your slide, aside from the image and video add-on that it also allows. Web developers who are comfortable messing up with HTML codes would love to have this feature.


The custom HTML editor in action.

Working With Images

RoyalSlider’s neat options panel makes it easy for us to build our slider. It also sports a drag and drop interface for rearranging and positioning the images.


Drag and drop to arrange the images according to your preference. You can also delete images by scrolling over it. A delete, zoom and edit button shows up.

You can also preview the images you have added to the slider directly in the admin area:


You can add custom HTML designs, code snippets and other elements into the image. The CSS styler is a handy tool to style the HTML codes you previously added. The editor also previews the image being edited to the actual size, placing the HTML blocks would be easier as you would have the idea on how it would probably look in the website.




First, RoyallSlider is proven and the large satisfied user base makes it a safe choise. In addtion, the plugin has the right amount of built in features while maintaining a user friendly admin panel. One of the strength of this slider is the ability to place custom HTML code snippets into the slides. The HTML markup feature allow developers control the slider even more.

Responsiveness of the slider to different screen sizes is another top-notch feature. If you are looking to have an all-around slider for your website, do not forget to add this yet another premium slider to your list.

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