Review: UberMenu – Responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

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Review: UberMenu – Responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin
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A website’s header menu if often used as the main navigation and it is critical to get right. Most webmasters agree that helping visitors to find what they are looking for is a top priority. When the navigation works out well we get more page views and the possibility that visitors come back looking for more goes up significantly. Another popular way to feature important content is to use WordPress slider plugins. Sliders are used on most business websites today and have a great ability to capture the focus of visitors. Check this collection of slider plugins for more inspiration.

WordPress comes with a good built in menu system and it makes it simple to quickly define simple menus. It is not perfect when menu structures get really large, but for most websites, it is does a good job. In addition, most themes offer menu designs for styling the WordPress menus. However, while most themes allow webmasters to control fonts, sidebar layouts, background colors etc. from the theme options it is not that common to see sufficient options to customize the menu functions and layout. In addition, most new themes have responsive layouts and adapt perfectly to mobile screens. Having said that, my experience is that responsive themes not always does a great job with menus.

One solution to get more control of your website navigation is to use a WordPress menu plugin that lets you handle customization of the menu without editing the theme files. In addition, that provides a best practice responsive menu layout. While there are many menu plugins available, I would like to take a closer look at UberMenu, which I believe is one best bet. It is highly customizable, does a great job when it comes to responsive design and it extends the WordPress menu system to work with widgets for creating mega menus. It includes over 20 style presets, vertical and horizontal menu orientations and several animated styles.

Installation is like any other WordPress plugin. You can add via the WordPress plugin uploader or use an FTP account to upload to the server. To set up the plugin you need to go to Appearance –> Menus and tell UberMenu which theme menu location to use. Click save and you will see the default style for UberMenu applied to your themes menu.


Specifying initial configuration of UberMenu


Example showing theme build in menu design.


UberMenu plugin activated for primary menu.

One of the really cool features found in UberMenu is the support multi-columned menu items for faster navigation – also know as mega menus. As you can see below it is possible to add menu content using widgets. This way you can create menu items with contact forms, maps etc. It is also possible to add icons to the menus.


Mega menu created with UberMenu

When rendered on a small mobile device the UberMenu turns into a single dropdown and multi column mega menu items is squeezed together to a single column.


UberMenu as it looks on a small mobile device.

Configuration of the menu items in UberMenu is handles inside the existing menu system in WordPress. As you can see below UberMenu extend the standard interface with many new options and features.


UberMenu settings for menu items

Basic settings can be configured under UberMenu options in the Appearance section of WordPress dashboard. The plugin supports a horizontal and vertical orientation, full and boxed menu width and an option to turn on and off the responsive design view. You can also choose what animation style, time, trigger and hover effect to use.


The interesting part comes in the Style Configuration. As previously mentioned, there are over 20 style presets you can use for the menu. This work on the fly and you won’t need to do any CSS styling for it. But UberMenu did a great job of adding an option to create custom CSS styles.


UberMenu WordPress Mega Menu Plugin is truly a mega plugin for your website. With over 16,000 purchases at Code Canyon and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, you can go wrong in trusting this wonderful plugin. Beginners and advanced users would greatly benefit with the options presented by this plugin. You can see all the features of this plugin here.

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