Shortcodes Ultimate – Beautify Your Site with Shortcodes

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Shortcodes Ultimate – Beautify Your Site with Shortcodes
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Shortcodes Ultimate is probably one of the most useful free WordPress plugins for building custom web pages. You can easily add nifty graphics and functions to your website without coding or touching the core WordPress files. Shortcodes was introduced in WordPress 2.5 as a new API and it quickly gained popularity due to the flexibility it provided for building your custom web pages. Using a shortcode is east – just add the shortcode to a post or page and WordPress will render the shortcode output where you added it. Typically shortcodes are used for adding buttons, tabs, sliders, boxes and similar design elements.

Currently, shortcodes are integrated with most premium themes and the look and feel is perfectly aligned with the theme design. However, what if you use a free theme to build your website? Spending for a premium theme just to have the shortcode, or buying a shortcode plugin directly would not be a decent option to have for someone who just wants to build a personal site and keep the budget to a minimum. If you want a top premium shortcode system with support, however, you may want to check out this huge collection of shortcode plugins for WordPress. Shortcodes Ultimate could be your best free option for installing tons of useful shortcodes into your website. It adds more than 30 shortcodes and adds a shortcode wizards to the post and page editors. You will be able to add columns, tabs, buttons, colored boxes, lists  with special design and much more. It has all the features of a premium plugin without the added price tag. Let us take a step further and see what this free plugin has to offer.

Installing the plugin is a breeze. You can either search for it in the WordPress plugin installer from the theme admin or download the files directly from and upload to your server.


Once installed you will be inserting shortcodes thru the post and page editor. Just pick on the shortcode you want to use from the Shortcode Ultimate button located on the WordPress page and post editor. A dropdown will show the available shortcodes. You can further customize the shortcode thru the configuration settings below the select box, e.g. for setting sizes and colors of design elements.


You will see the code to callout the API function specified by the shortcode text. Hit publish and go to the page to see the shortcode working.



Sample button shortcode working.

Let us have a look at some of the shorcode outputs.


Shortcode examples

Shortcode Ultimate also has a built in CSS styler with syntax highlighting, another great feature for advcaned users who wants to tke the customization to the next level.

You can see all the features of this plugin here.

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