Advanced Text Widget Pro – Control Widget Visibility on Your WordPress Website

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Advanced Text Widget Pro – Control Widget Visibility on Your WordPress Website
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Widgets provide a simple drag and drop way of controlling what content and where it is inserted in the structure of a WordPress website. Originally, the only widgeted part of a WordPress theme was the right sidebar. However, recently widgets have been used as content placeholders. Modern themes now include a widget areas in the header, body, footer and on any part of the website available for widget placement. This makes widgets an important building block and due to the amount of powerful widget plugins available, the entire web design process has become more flexible. It is understandable as the widget’s no-code, drag & drop interface offers a quick way for beginners and advanced users to build their site in no time. A common question I get though, is how to control on what posts or pages a widget is visible.

With an endless supply of both free and premium widgets it may be a challenge for some to find the perfect solution. I did a quick research of some available widgets for custom HTML/CSS/PHP code and found the plugin called Advanced Text Widget Pro to be interesting.

Advanced Text Widget Pro provides flexible widget visibility conditions for every widget on your site, including core and third party widgets provided by other plugins. You do not need to be an expert in web programming as the plugin comes with 10 default conditions with over 20 application possibilities. For advanced programmers, the plugin would give the option of custom widget visibility and conditions. Other features include addition of custom CSS ID’s/ classes to any widget, importing and exporting of visibility conditions for re-use on other sites and raw PHP support and shortcodes extension.

Install the plugin and you can start customizing your widgets. Go to Appearance > Widgets section and find the Advanced Text Widget Pro widget. Drag and drop it to the widget area where you would like to have it displayed.


After placing to the appropriate widget area, fill in the title and content for the widget. You can place HTML/PHP or CSS codes into the content area, just make sure to close them in appropriate tags for it to work.


You need to specify the visibility of the widget or else it would show up to any part of the website where the widget area is present. Go to Widget Visibility settings and specify where to show or hide a specific widget. For pages, you also need to input the page ID, slug or title.


Advanced Widget pro also works with 3rd party plugins. Click on a 3rd party widget and un toggle it to see the visibility settings applied by Advanced Text Widget Pro.


The conditions can be set under the administration settings of Advanced Text Widget pro plugin. Go to Settings > ATW Pro Plugin.


Here you can add custom conditions for the plugin. Beginners could use the help feature to know what PHP codes needs to be added in order to have a new custom condition.


Plugin options for Advanced Text Widget Pro.


Help section for Advanced Text Widget Pro.

The Misc Settings allows you to import or export settings. You can later use the settings configuration to other websites.


Advanced Tex Widget is a highly recommended, premium plugin for anyone who loves to use widgets when building their website. I once used the Text Widget for WordPress to implement custom HTML codes to any widgetized area but it falls short of  visibility control and support for PHP/CSS codes. Advanced Text Widget pro did a great job of supporting custom codes and control for widget visibility. This is a must-have plugin for everyone wanting to create a widget based website. You can check out all the features of the plugin here.

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