Review: nRelate Most Popular Plugin – A Most Popular Content Display Plugin

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Review: nRelate Most Popular Plugin – A Most Popular Content Display Plugin
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Getting visitors to visit multiple pages once they arrive on your website is not as easy as it may sound. It is all about making it easy for visitors to find additional relevant content and content that other visitors liked.

You can always add a hyperlink within a new post to redirect your visitors to another one on the site but this can be time consuming and not relevant as well. What you want is for your users to find out the best write-ups organically and in a seamless way.  In this review, we will talk about nRelate Most Popular plugin as the best plugin to display your most popular content effectively.

Popular posts are the heart of your website. They are popular for a reason: they have the most relevant and useful information that your visitors found interesting to read. So, why hide them? They are meant to be displayed as they would give you more readers and will result to high reader retention, which leads to more traffic to your site. The solution is putting these content right in your reader’s face, meaning they have to be highly visible wherever they may be on the site. Homepages are the first contact areas of your blog so make sure that they display bits and pieces of highlighted content. Aside from homepages, posts should also contain related content such as popular posts to create higher chances of content discovery pre or post reading.

nRelate Most Popular Plugin is one of many plugins developed by nRelate focusing on effective content delivery and display on the web. What separates this plugin from the other nRelate plugins is that its focus is on analyzing the best and popular articles on your site and displaying them on every post and page you chose. This makes your content highly discoverable, searchable and readable: a plus for every website. The plugin offers a range of display styles to choose from including display in post option (display shows on top or at the bottom of each post), custom display within a page or post using shortcode and widget display. Customization of the look of the display is easy as there are preset designs and includes an option to design the look yourself using CSS. Not only can posts be displayed within the plugin, advertisements can be inserted within the display too: another great way to earn income from your blog.

First, let us look at an example where the popular posts are displayed in the top of posts.


Displaying popular content on top of post

You can easily change the presentation and move the popular posts to the bottom of the page.


Displaying popular content Polaroid style at the bottom of the post

Now, let us discover the awesome features of this plugin. Like all nRelate plugins, Most Popular comes with an nRelate dashboard and its own settings page.


nRelate Most Popular Settings Area

It also includes Layout Settings for configuring general display settings of the plugin like default display location and style.


Layout Settings

In the Thumbnails Gallery, you can choose a preset design for your display or even create one of your own. You can also get the StyleSheet for each design and manually insert it into your CSS code or post.


Thumbnails Gallery with Sample Style Settings

nRelate Most Popular plugin is a highly customizable plugin that analyzes and highlights your popular content in a natural yet unobtrusive way for easy discovery. It doesn’t take too much attention away from the posts but it only takes enough fraction of that attention in order to signal to the reader about other content that are worthy of their notice. The designs of the display are in image or text or a combination of both so you can have one or the other option in choosing a display.  What I also love about this plugin is its preview feature which lets you take a peek at the unfinished design before you save the changes. Shortcodes again make customization easy so it’s a convenient plugin to place anywhere in a page or post. All in all, a good plugin for easy display of popular content.

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