25+ WordPress Video Themes – Show Off Your Video Content

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25+ WordPress Video Themes – Show Off Your Video Content
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If you are interested in running a video website or blog one of the best platforms to do so is WordPress. You do not have to have much technical skills in order to set up and run a WordPress website – in fact, one of the most difficult tasks in this process is choosing the theme!

I have compiled this collection with some of the very best WordPress video themes of high quality I could find. As you can see when browsing through this collection, I have tried to find a large variety as to give you an idea of just how many different layouts you can choose from. I hope you will find this collection useful and find a theme for your new WordPress video website. Enjoy!

VideoGrid  Video WordPress Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

VideoGrid is a video theme that divides videos into grids for a more interesting look.

Videogrid is a multimedia theme with image, audio and video options for display. The theme itself is minimalist as it strives to center attention on your creative portfolio.  Media is divided into grids on the page and is responsive meaning it adjusts to your browser screen size.

Soundstage – WordPress Theme For Bands/Musicians – MORE INFO / DEMO

Soundstage is a Video WordPress Theme that puts the spotlight on video content on your site.

Soundstage is a great theme to showcase features on your site preferably if it includes video. videos can be embedded froma third party host site or uploaded straight into your web site. You can also customize the layout of this site which is perfect for prioritizing content. A great site for bands and multimedia artists.

Azione – WordPress Video Blogging Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

Azione is a Video WordPress theme that has a video scroller for you to choose what video to watch on the site.

Azone puts another dimesnon in “video-centric”. This theme allows users to categorize videos and show them in a category row on the page. Whether embedded or uploaded, this them surely makes your video content stand out with its large video scroller on top of the page for a better feature for your best films.

Zeus – Fullscreen Video & Image Background – MORE INFO / DEMO

Zeus is a unique Video WordPress theme with fullscreen background video with image slider as well.

Zeus theme is an interesting portfolio theme for its moving video backgrounds and scrollable images. The menu smartly scrolls up to hide while the video background is playing . A nice theme for photographers and creatives looking for more than a static view on their websites.

Invictus – A Premium Photographer Portfolio Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

Invictus is a Video WordPress theme that enables video embedding to add a moving fullscreen background to your site.

Invictus is a Premium WordPress theme with interesting video plus image background display: video plays in the background of your image gallery! This theme enables embedded videos or personal uploaed videos in Hd or SD format of your choice to appear on your site. A perfect mash-up of movement and visuals for a creative’s site.

P.S. It’s responsive too.

Blogrid – Grid-Based WordPress theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

Blogrid is a theme that's responsive and uses grids to display your video and portfolio work.

Blogrid is a minimalist portfolio theme that’s responsive and enables photo and video display on your site. It’s clean design emphasizes your work and it’s responsiveness allows multi browser experience for your users.

HQ Photography Responsive WP Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

HQ Photography is a responsive WP theme with fullscreen image slideshows and video backgrounds.

HQ Photography theme is a portfolio creative theme with high quality image and video backgrounds for a more appealing site. Primarily for photograpers, this website showcases creative presentation of your work by enabling users to add behind the scenes videos or a small mini film about the making of their pieces. Great great site for commercial or even non commercial use.

Motion Picture – WordPress Video Blogging Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

Motion Picture theme for WordPress enables video embedding, whther Hd or SD, for showing videos straight on your site

Motion Picture theme is adding film like quality to your site through display of videos. It features a video slider which you can use to highlight videos related to your content. Fun site for film aficionados, travel sites or personal video blogs.

Videozoom – MORE INFO / DEMO

Videozoom is a Video WordPress theme with video slider that can display even your self hosted videos.

A large feature slider tops VideoZoom theme. The slider can be edited to include a mix of video or photos or just one of the two. It’s dark style emphasizes your videos which can be divided into categories. Posts can also embed videos as well so there’s nothing in this theme you can’t put any video on.

Primero – Video WordPress Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

Primero Video WordPress theme features a image and video combo slider  to engage your visitors with your content on the site.

Primero theme makes video your primary content through a huge slider which you can embed or upload videos to. Similarly, this theme acts as a mini Yutube site with its Latest Videos, Recommendations and Poular Vieos categories. Highly recommended for videographers, film junkies and vlog enthusiasts.

Ghost WP Full Screen Video, Image with Audio – MORE INFO / DEMO

Ghost WP theme is a theme with rich fullscreen visuals and video background option for a sleek website design.

Ghost WP theme is so professional and stylish with its background features and layout. Background is customizable with video or image and the menus hover or disappear if the image or video appears. The background acts as a slider too so you can slide to the next image or video without waiting for it to finish. Cool site to have when creativity is what you’re selling.

Right Now WP Full Video, Image with Audio – MORE INFO / DEMO

Right Now WP theme is an amazin theme with fullscreen image and video backgrounds that are embedded or uploaded onto your site.

Right Now theme never delays and captures attention with its background and features. This theme allows users to pause or play video backgrounds and proceed to browsing other parts of the site.

LA-BAND – Music Band Premium WordPress Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

LA-BAND theme is a multimedia theme that features fullscreen images and a video gallery for showcasing your videos.

LA-BAND is a media rich theme with photos, audio and video right into page. You can scan photos through the site while audio is playing and you can browse pre categorized videos in the gallery section. A really cool site for artists and bands.

BigFormat – Responsive Fullscreen WordPress Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

BigFormat theme is a responsive WP theme that features images on its backgrounds as well as videos you can play or pause.

BigFormat theme has its page divided between the menu sidebar and the media background. This style avoids confusion and gives highlight to the functional and the aesthetic part of the site. You can choose an image or video for the background and have the option to play or pause it between browsing.

Notebook WordPress Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

Notebook WordPress theme is a simple responsive theme with image and video optons for display on your website.

Notebook theme looks like an electronic journal with moving bits and pieces as it’s responsive and has a video embed option. The main menu is at the side leaving the bigger part of the site for your content. A great site for semi personal blog or portfolio site.

Mater – Fullscreen Image & Video Background WP – MORE INFO / DEMO

Mater is a WP theme that has a customizable background with image or video options.

Mater is a WP theme with fullscreen and video background options to choose from. You can choose from the preset videos from the theme itself or uplaod your own moving video background. A cool site for people wanting to add movement to their content.

Responsive Fullscreen Studio for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


Responsive theme is a theme with lots of interesting features. The background is slider enabled so you can slide through background images or even videos. The images have a slight parallax effect which makes a good view onsite. Videos can be embbeded through short code, Youtube, Vimeo or self hosted. a very colorful site whether orporate or creative wise.

Especial – Business & Portfolio WordPress Theme – MORE INFO  / DEMO

Especial theme is a gorgeous theme with 5 different sliders and multimedia options like video to include in your posts.

Especial is an attractive them for its style and features. Videos are enable on this site so you can put them in posts and in the slider itself. The theme is very customizable as there’s a lot of skins to choose from. Great site for a anybody looking for a loud statement.

Syndra – Creative Portfolio Blogging – MORE INFO / DEMO

Syndra creative thme is a perfect theme for multimedia portfolios as it integrates photo, audio and video in one page.

Syndra is a simple and portfolio focused theme that seeks to make your work stand out on the your website. images or portfolos are displayed in grids as well as videos so uniformity in effect is achieved. Colored tags on the thumbnail images make it easy to discern what category they belong to.  A great find people looking for a functional and minimalist portfolio theme.

Made – Responsive Review/Magazine Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

Made theme is a responsive review magazine theme with image and video integrate within the theme for more interactive site content.

Made theme is a theme with lots of multimedia elements in the mix. but what’s best is the video slider is on top so your videos get to be noticed first. Though there are a lot of content on the website, the layout is well done so there’s no confusion and overlapping happening between your posts. A fun theme to pick for a personal review site, a band page or a quirky new brand to launch.

WP-ClearVideo Premium WordPress Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

WP Clear Video theme is a videocentric theme with video slider and video embed feature in posts.

Your video is as clear as it is with WP-ClearVideo theme. It’s video friendly interface makes a perfect theme for videobased content. You get a huge slider on top, videos in posts and videos in the sidebar area. Videos take a whole lot of visibility with this theme so it’s perfect for filmographers, film production outfits and even your homemade video guy.

Soundboard – a Premium Music WordPress Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

Soundboard is a premium WP theme with audio video options on the slider for more eye catching feature on the site.

A dark edgy style defines Soundboard theme. This theme enables a lot of media to be embedded in posts not excluding videos which has a special area on the sidebar part of the theme. apart from that, videos can be added to the slide up top as well so it’s good for adding clips for your future site.

VideoPlus – MORE INFO / DEMO

VideoPlus is a great multimedia thme with video display feature.

VideoPlus is a theme that displays video plus more. It’s clean black and white style with image grids keep the theme nicely arranged . It’s slider can be a combination of images and video or one of the two. A great site for commercial or even non commercial use.

deTube – Professional Video WordPress Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

deTube theme puts your site videos in a professional light.

deTube is WP’s theme version of Youtube. It’s huge slider header catches your attention front page and it’s menu with categories make browsing videos simple and fuss-free. A great site for videophiles out there.

This Way WP Full Video/Image Background with Audio – MORE INFO / DEMO

This Way is a grea theme with backgrounds ranging from images with audio or even video.

This Way theme is a professional video embedded theme that looks professional and stylish. It’s hover menu and it’s slide previews on the left give visitors an idea of what your site is for. Videos and slides can be puse or played at your own fingertips. A great portfolio site for photographers and creatives.

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