How to Add a Print Friendly and PDF Button to your WordPress Website

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How to Add a Print Friendly and PDF Button to your WordPress Website
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I am sure you sometimes read an interesting article online and that you would like to print it or save it for later reference. If you are a web master and use WordPress for publishing blog posts and articles, it is likely that your readers fell the same way.

It is, however, not standard functionality in WordPress to allow visitors to generate a print friendly version of a web page or allow them to save a page as a PDF document. This does not mean it is not possible. I recently discovered a cool free plugin for WordPress that allow us to add a button to pages that give users the possibility to create a PDF or a printer friendly version. The plugin is called Print Friendly and PDF Button and I will take a closer look at how it works in this mini review.

Print Friendly and PDF button is simple to install and set up. It does this without any need for work with HTML and CSS code to create convert the web pages. It is quite customizable and you can choose how your create to PDF button should be designed. Other features of the plugin includes:

  • On-Page-Lightbox. New PDF document opens in a Lightbox so you your users stay on the page, and your WordPress website.
  • You can create professionally looking print and PDFs with branded headers.
  • Your brand/URL can be added on the printable page or saved in the PDF so users remember your site and new users can find you.
  • Ability to edit the page before starting the print.

The plugin is available for free at the plugin archive. Just download the install files, upload to your server and activate. You can access the plugin settings by going to Settings > Print Friendly &PDF.


The first entry in the plugin settings is the Button Style. There are 10 button presets and an option to provide your own custom button.


The button positions can be configured on the next entry Button Positioning. You can disable this or use the dropdown and select box to change the button position.


The Display Button entry let’s you configure where the button would show up. You can also add it directly to a template using a PHP function or use a shortcode to target a page or article.


You can change what the plugin would print under the Print PDF Options. It also allows custom CSS to be implemented.


The last entry is the Webmaster Settings. From here you can use JavaScript and turn on/off password protected content.


Here’s a sample post where Print Friendly and PDF Button is activated.


Lightbox opens up so you can see the preview the content before printing.


Print Friendly and PDF Button lives out with its name. It does create a print friendly PDF version of your website in just one click. This is a very useful tool for bloggers who want to share their content online and offline. You can see the full features of this plugin here.

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