Review: Calendarize It –A Calendar and Event Plugin for WordPress

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Review: Calendarize It –A Calendar and Event Plugin for WordPress
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Displaying events online on your website gives your visitors a sneak peek of what activities you have in store for them. It is a good technique for both individuals (e.g. showing what conferences you are attending) and business. I gives visitors a glimpse of how jampacked your calendar is or how organized you are in creating events. In this review, I am going to show you how to use Calendarize It, a premium calendar and events plugin for WordPress that I believe does a great job. It makes it simple and fast to display events online the cool way.

Organizing and marketing social event is one of those widely known complicated tasks to do. However, thanks to the advent of social media, spreading event details and invites have become a lot more effective. In addition, tools for posting event details on WordPress based websites have matured and this makes it worth the effort to maintain an online calendar with relevant events.

One of the best solutions for setting up a calendar on your WordPress website is using the Calendarize It plugin. This plugin offers many features and professional calendar templates suited for most types of business and personal blogs. You find solutions for simple personal calendars to advanced event portals. You can show calendars and events using different views and customize the presentation and data fields to fit your needs. You can even have user specific calendars on the same site.

Calendarize It has a visual CSS editor to customize the look of the calendar display. The plugin as built in support for advanced recurring events and one-time events display. Aside from that, the plugin also includes a sidebar widget for quickly adding an upcoming events function on your site. You can also use shortcodes to insert the calendar items in posts and pages which is the most powerful way to use it. Other customization features include custom post types, role and capability manager, time and date format customization, setup and customization of detailed event or venue pages, Google map integration and translation. Let us take a closer look at this plugin.

Setting up the plugin

The Calendarize It plugin is integrated into the WP Dashboard once it’s installed.


Where to find Calendarize It in the WordPress Dashboard

From the Dashboard, head on to the Options Page to further customize settings needed for your Calendars and Events posts. The range of options available is amazing and makes the plugin flexible enough to fit most webmasters needs.


Options page

The Events Page displays all created events and allows you to create new events. Other management pages include Organizer, Venue, Countries, Cities which manage items for custom taxonomies used to quickly add data to your events.


Events management page

To add an event, The Add New Event Page is filled out. There are multiple section for adding event details and information.


Add New Event Page

A preview Calendar appears under the Post editor in Add a New Event page. You can point and click any date to set time and date formats as well as settings for repeat or one time events.


Add New Event Page – setting the event date and time


Add New Event Page – adding custom fields

The Event and Venue Details Box Layout  helps you choose a formats your Event and Venue boxes.


Event and Venue Box Layout

More Options for Layout appear on the sidebar area. These widgets allow you to choose organizers, venues and more.



More event options

Finally you can add event images – works just like adding a featured image to a post in WordPress.


Image Options

For more Social capabilities, you can go to Social Panel Options to toggle your Calendar or Event’s settings for labels, style and for Facebook.


Social Panel Options

Another cool feature to highlight is the plugin’s CSS Editor. This is where you can edit you Calendar’s look from fonts to event color details. It includes a live preview of the Calendar on its right side area.


CSS Editor Menu

What visitors see

This is the Calendar month view on the page.




Examples of visitor views of the Calendar and events

Here’s how an event will look like with Google map integrated.


Sample Event Post

Having a Calendar to inform your website visitors about your event’s is a great idea and the Calendarize It plugin make it convenient and flexible. Besides offering a very flexible and easy to use administration area I think it is great that it can be added anywhere within your website through the use of shortcodes and widgets. However, the idea of having so many pages within the plugin admin area to classify items may seem overwhelming when you start using the solution. Having said that, it is a well-designed premium plugin that comes at a reasonable price and a lot of useful featured. For more details about this plugin, you can view them all right here.


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