Review: WP Parallax Content Slider Plugin–A Slider Plugin for WordPress

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Review: WP Parallax Content Slider Plugin–A Slider Plugin for WordPress
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Catching visitor’s attention and directing it to the most important content on a website is one of the top priorities of every website owner. You can get the best writers to write the most exciting and most relevant content for your site, but if you are not actively promoting it by other means, your articles risk being hard to find. In this review, I take a closer look at WP Parallax Content Slider, a free and quite cool visual content slider; you can use to feature latest content on your website.

Boosting content readership is not an easy task, as it requires you to boost traffic to your site. Quality content can surely do it for you and it works in the end, however, creating striking first impressions will get you there quickly. That is why many content websites are starting to incorporate creative visual previews of their content to pique more interest for the reader. What better way to do this than use a dynamic slider to wow your audience right?

WP Parallax Content Slider is a free WP Plugin that can be placed at any part of your site. This slider use CSS3 and jQuery in combination, which makes its transition effect look great. It uses short codes for easy installation in post or page and has its own admin panel for editing slider options such as filter by post category, type of content to post in slide, number of slides to display, etc. The plugin is also translation ready so it is easy to localize it to your own language. Main disadvantage with this plugin is the fact that you cannot insert sliders with different settings. Example could be that you want to use another background the second time you insert a slider. This is not possible. Let’s get into WP Parallax Content Slider’s details.

Installation of the plugin is easy as you can download it manually from its main site or you can install it through WordPress plugins search. After installing the plugin, you can access it under Settings Menu in your WordPress Admin Panel. The main feature is to use Dynamic display of latest posts. The plugin, however, can also show static HTML content. Please note, I did not test this feature for this review.



WP Parallax Content Slider Settings Page

The slider enables usage of shortcodes for covenenient placement and later on, organization of sliders.


Shortcodes to use in inserting a slider into a post or page

You just copy the finished shortcode and paste it into the post and page area of your choice. It is also possible to pull posts from specific categories using parameter “categ”. E.x.:

[parallaxcontentslider categ=”2″]


Inserting slider shortcode in post

This is how the slider will look like on the page.


WP Parallax Content Slider Sample

In summary, WP Parallax Content Slider is a simple and good looking slider to use. Editing what to display on the slider doesn’t need technical expertise as well as editing slider options. Best of all, the plugin is free and is constantly updated so expect more features to be added to this plugin in the future.

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