How to Add Alerts and Notifications to Your WordPress Website

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How to Add Alerts and Notifications to Your WordPress Website
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Is it possible to add call to action and notifications on websites without the risk of pushing visitors away? For a long time popups have been the common approach for showing alerts and notifications to websites visitors. The technique is known to be effective for improving conversions on e.g. signups for email subscriptions, but it typically comes with a tradeoff. The majority of web surfers dislike popups and some even associate them with spam or aggressive marketing. There are options, however, such as notification bars, which are less invasive than traditional popups and still offer effective conversions.

If you are a WordPress user and want to improve conversion, you will find that there are some really good plugins available to set up alerts/notifications in minutes. Nice Notifications for WordPress is a low cost premium plugin that I think does a good job. Nice Notifications is a responsive and mobile ready notification/alert bar plugin, however, it can be used to build social media buttons and more.

This is a powerful plugin as it allows you to build custom notifications without the need for experience with HTML/CSS or other web programming languages. It simply uses a code free, drag and drop visual editor that makes it convenient and fast to create and maintain the notifications. Other features of the plugin includes ability to add widgets to your notification bars, compatibility with Google web fonts, WooCommerce, WPML and contact Form 7. In addition, there are over 360 included icons to help you improve the visual impression.

Nice Notifications works like any other WordPress plugin. Get the .zip file installer, upload using WordPress’ plugin installer and activate. A new dashboard menu will be added to your WordPress admin.


Start adding your new notifications by going to Nice Notifications > Add New. You will be presented with a new editor to create your first Notification.


In this example, a Twitter notification/social media bar will be created to gather Followers to a twitter account. Use the Alert Designer to set the width and height of the canvas you will be using.


You can customize the alert banner by using customization options below. Take note that it allows you to place custom HTML codes and shortcodes which is a very nice feature of it. Text and icons can be placed as new layers.


The way how the new notification will work can be adjusted in the Notification Bar Options. From here, you can change where the notification bar would be used, dimensions, animation, position, colors and you can also add a custom CSS class for advanced editing.


Publish the new alert you made and go to a single post/page. Scroll down the page and you will see the menu area for adding the alert you just made. Find the title of the alert and enable it.


Update the page and you will now see your notification animating upon page load!


Nice Notifications plugin for WordPress is a great plugin to create social media buttons or any website notifications you would like to place. Unlike other media alert plugins, you can customize your own in no time. The plugin has several available media to quickly build the layout and look of the alert you wanted. You can check out this plugin using this link here.

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